Locale Reference for Product Advertising API

Product Advertising API operations are the same for all locales but valid certain parameters vary by locale. For example, SearchIndex values used in SearchItems API varies by locale.

The Product Advertising API is available in the following locales:

Locale URL
Australia https://www.amazon.com.au
Belgium https://www.amazon.com.be
Brazil https://www.amazon.com.br
Canada https://www.amazon.ca
Egypt https://www.amazon.eg
France https://www.amazon.fr
Germany https://www.amazon.de
India https://www.amazon.in
Italy https://www.amazon.it
Japan https://www.amazon.co.jp
Mexico https://www.amazon.com.mx
Netherlands https://www.amazon.nl
Poland https://www.amazon.pl
Singapore https://www.amazon.sg
Saudi Arabia https://www.amazon.sa
Spain https://www.amazon.es
Sweden https://www.amazon.se
Turkey https://www.amazon.com.tr
United Arab Emirates https://www.amazon.ae
United Kingdom https://www.amazon.co.uk
United States https://www.amazon.com

Each of these locales is serviced by an Amazon web site that uses the local language, local customs, and local formatting. For example, when you look at the DE homepage for Amazon, you see the listings in German. If you purchased an item, you would find the price in Euros, and, if you were to purchase a movie, you would find that the movie rating would conform to the movie rating system used in Germany. Product Advertising API responses contain the same localized information.

Following topics cover locale specific reference for the following parameters:

  • Marketplace: Target Amazon Locale. The endpoint supplied to the marketplace parameter determines which locale the API request is targeted to.
  • Language of Preference: Most of Product Advertising API response elements are language aware. Every locale has a default language which the API falls back to if the supplied language of preference is invalid or if no language of preference is provided.
    • Valid Languages: Allowed Languages in a marketplace. Every marketplace supports only certain languages and information can be returned in only those languages for the marketplace.
  • Currency of Preference: Some of Product Advertising API response elements are currency aware such as Item price. API uses the default currency of the locale if currency of preference is not provided. Else when currency of preference is provided, it's value should be a valid currency of the locale, and API falls back to the default currency if conversion is unsuccessful.
    • Valid Currencies: Allowed Currencies in a marketplace. Every marketplace supports only certain currencies and information can be returned in only those currencies for the marketplace.
  • Search Index: The SearchItems operation requires SearchIndex which indicates the product category to search. SearchIndexes differ by marketplace and each marketplace has it's own list of valid SearchIndices.


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