Browse Node Properties

Browse nodes properties include the following elements:

Name Description
BrowseNodeId A BrowseNodeId is a unique ID assigned by Amazon that identifies a browse node which is a product category/sub-category. The BrowseNodeId is a positive Long. For more information, refer Browse Node IDs
DisplayName The display name of the BrowseNode as visible on the Amazon retail website.
ContextFreeName Indicates a displayable name for a BrowseNode that is fully context free. For e.g. DisplayName of BrowseNodeId: 3060 in US marketplace is Orphans & Foster Homes. One can not infer which root category this browse node belongs to unless we have the ancestry ladder for this browse node i.e. it requires a "context" for being intuitive. However, the ContextFreeName of this browse node is Children's Orphans & Foster Homes Books.
Children Nodes that are subset of the current node.
Ancestor Nodes that are supersets of the current node. The ancestor property lists all the ancestors of the current node in a ladder upto the root node. Intuitively, the last node in the ancestor ladder is the root node.
IsRoot Indicates if the current BrowseNode is a root node.

The following example response shows that the browse node ID for Family Life is 3045.

  "Id": "3045",
  "DisplayName": "Family Life",
  "ContextFreeName": "Children's Family Life Books",
  "IsRoot": false,
  "Children": [
      "ContextFreeName": "Children's Adoption Books",
      "DisplayName": "Adoption",
      "Id": "3046"
      "ContextFreeName": "Children's Babysitting Books",
      "DisplayName": "Babysitting",
      "Id": "1084232"
      "ContextFreeName": "Children's Values Books",
      "DisplayName": "Values",
      "Id": "3163"
  "Ancestor": {
    "Id": "1084192",
    "DisplayName": "Growing Up & Facts of Life",
    "ContextFreeName": "Children's Growing Up & Facts of Life Books",
    "Ancestor": {
      "Id": "4",
      "DisplayName": "Children's Books",
      "ContextFreeName": "Children's Books",
      "Ancestor": {
        "Id": "1000",
        "DisplayName": "Subjects",
        "ContextFreeName": "Subjects",
        "Ancestor": {
          "Id": "283155",
          "DisplayName": "Books",
          "ContextFreeName": "Books"
  • The Family Life Browse Node has 3 child nodes: Children's Adoption Books, Children's Babysitting Books and Children's Value Books.
  • The Ancestry Ladder of Family Life can be demonstrated as:
    _Family Life_ -> _Growing Up & Facts of Life_ -> _Children's Books_ -> _Subjects_ -> _Books_
  • Here, the root node of Family Life is Books as it is the last node in the ladder.

Browse Node IDs

Browse node IDs are positive Longs that uniquely identify product sets, such as Children's Books: (4), Babysitting: (1084232), Books: (283155), etc.

While top-level browse node values tend to remain the same, the values of other browse nodes change often. Browse nodes are created and eliminated without notification. As a best practice, do not hard-code browse node IDs in applications.

Browse node IDs are unique in one locale only. The same browse node ID can be used in two locales, but the names and purposes of those browse nodes can be unrelated. Browse node IDs are assigned internally by Amazon. There are no general rules for number assignments. For example, you can't assume that all IDs in the 2000s are related in any way.

If you have a browse node ID, you can find the name of the browse node by specifying the ID in one of the following URLs for each locale:

Locale BrowseNode URL
Saudi Arabia[BrowseNodeID]
United Arab Emirates[BrowseNodeID]
United Kingdom[BrowseNodeID]
United States[BrowseNodeID]

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