Browse Nodes and Items

Browse nodes are product categories/sub-categories in which items are organized. A single node can have many items associated with it, as shown in the following example:

In this example, seven items (Harry Potter book titles) are associated with the browse node: Harry Potter Books. This node is a leaf node and a child of the Books parent node. Many items can be associated with a single browse node. The name of the browse node describes what the items have in common.

Following pointers briefly describe organization of items in browse nodes:

  • A single item can also belong to more than one browse node. For example, a harry potter book can belong to the Children's Book and Orphan and Foster Homes browse nodes.
  • The association between items and browse nodes is dynamic. When a book is removed from a particular browse node, the book is removed from its association with that browse node.
  • Browse nodes are created and deleted according to item demand. Items associated with the browse nodes, sales rank of items within a browse node, change frequently according to sales. For example, when a new group of books sells quickly, a node is created for it. When the sales decline, the node can be deleted. Some browse nodes exist for a short time.

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