Localized Product Details

To get product details in your language of preference, pass the corresponding language code (e.g. en_US) under LanguagesOfPreference. For information on default language and valid languages for a marketplace, refer Locale Reference.

If the information is not available in the specified language, it is returned in the default language of the marketplace.


The following request fetches information in es_US (Spanish) language:

  "PartnerTag": "xyz-20",
  "PartnerType": "Associates",
  "ItemIds": ["8424916514"],
  "LanguagesOfPreference": ["es_US"]


The response contains the information in the requested language.

  "ItemsResult": {
    "Items": [
        "ASIN": "8424916514",
        "DetailPageURL": "https://www.amazon.com/dp/8424916514?tag=xyz-20&linkCode=ogi&language=es_US&th=1&psc=1",
        "ItemInfo": {
          "Title": {
            "DisplayValue": "Descripcion de Grecia / Description of Greece: Libros I-ii (Spanish Edition)",
            "Label": "Title",
            "Locale": "es_US"

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