Error Codes and Messages

Product Advertising API 5.0 errors provide information about syntactical errors in your requests, as well as errors that occur during the execution of your request; for example, a search for products returns no results.

Errors are composed of two elements:


The error code is a unique string that identifies the error.


The error message is a human-readable description of the error to help you debug the issue.

These elements will be nested within an Error element. If a request generates more than one error, all Errors will appear in the response.

Errors may appear at different levels in your response. But all the errors will be summarised as a top level attribute in the JSON response. The error will be represented as a list and each error will have the details about the error which occurred while executing the request. For more information, refer Error Messages.

Error Codes and Ranges

5xx Server Errors

These errors are usually caused when Product Advertising API server failed to fulfil an apparently valid request.

4xx Errors

These errors are caused due to invalid request sent to Product Advertising API.

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