Troubleshooting Applications

Troubleshoot and resolve problems with your Product Advertising API–enabled websites or applications.

  • Register for Amazon Associates before registering for the Product Advertising API 5.0.

    After you have your Store ID (Partner Tag) from the Sign up as an Amazon Associate, use the primary email address in your Associates account to register for the Product Advertising API. If the PartnerType is Associates, use PartnerTag in all requests to Product Advertising API calls.

  • Troubleshoot your requests with the Product Advertising API Scratchpad.

    Use the Scratchpad tool to compare your requests and responses and generate sample code. For more information, refer Using the Product Advertising API Scratchpad.

  • Check if you have migrated your credentials from AWS accounts

    Product Advertising API 5.0 can't be accessed through AWS credentials. If the response returned specifies that the credentials are not enabled to access this version of Product Advertising API 5.0, you will have to migrate the credentials. For more information, refer Migrating your Product Advertising API Account from your AWS Account.

  • Check that you are specifying inclusive resources

    You may not receive the expected information in your Product Advertising API response if you have specified resource(s) that does not return the data you want.

  • Check the structure of your request.

    Each Product Advertising API operation has a reference page. Verify that your request uses the parameters correctly. For more information, refer Operations.

  • Try your request with multiple ASINs or Keyword search strings.

    The Amazon catalog is large and sometimes individual products have irregular data results.

  • Check how quickly your application is submitting requests.

    If your application is submitting requests faster than allocated throughput (transactions per second), you may receive error messages from the Product Advertising API until you decrease the rate of your requests. For more information, refer API rates.

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