Register for Product Advertising API

Before you register for the Product Advertising API, you must have Amazon Associates account that has been reviewed and received final acceptance in to the Amazon Associates Program.

  1. If you do not have Amazon Associate account, you must sign up for Amazon Associates. For more information, see Sign up as an Amazon Associate.

  2. You can request for final acceptance by completing the Associates Contact Us form and providing details about why you require access to the Product Advertising API. For more information, see Contact Us.

Product Advertising API sign up is available only to associates who have referred qualified sales and have been accepted into the program.

This guide helps to get started with the Product Advertising API. You can advertise products from the Amazon marketplace in which you have signed up as a fully accepted Amazon Associate.

To sign up for the Product Advertising API

  1. After you sign-in to your Amazon Associates account, in the Amazon Associates page, choose Tools and then choose Product Advertising API.

    Only the primary account owner of the Amazon Associate account can sign up for the Product Advertising API.

  2. Choose Join.

  3. After you sign up, on the Download credentials page, copy your Access Key and Secret Key or choose Download Credentials. You specify these credentials when you make requests to the Product Advertising API.

  4. To add or delete your credentials, choose Manage Your Account and then choose Add Credentials to create a new pair or Delete to delete it. You can have a maximum of two access key pairs at a time.

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